7/20/14-8/10/14 | Series | Praying In The Spirit

product-shot-for-storeSingleSermonsIn this series, Mike Popovich shares how Praying in the Holy Spirit is a precious gift that brings us into the rest, refreshing and victory that Jesus desires for us!


Discover that you don’t need to handle problems in your own strength. Let the Holy Spirit pray though you by praying in the Spirit. You will see God’s magnificent and conspicuous favor in your health, finances, businesses and careers.

Discover how every bondage is easily broken when we pray in tongues. In addition, we proclaim the magnificent and conspicuous favor of God over our lives. The glory that Adam lost has been restored by Jesus.

Instead of being trapped in fear, defeat and bondage, the Holy Spirit will remind us of our righteousness, protection, salvation and health which are all free because of Jesus. So stir up that gift in you by praying in the spirit and you can enjoy the rest and refreshing that Jesus purchased for you on the cross. You can enjoy His power, love and a sound mind.

The first thing that God did when the Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost was to heal their tongue. When people received the Holy Spirit in the New Testament, they always spoke with a new tongue, or new language other than their native language. Explore this precious gift.