1/6/13-1/13/13: Series – The Power Of The Grain, Wine And Oil



No matter what you are going through, or what kind of crisis you may seem to be in, we can use the Holy Communion and anointing oil. Jesus, the true grain, wine and oil was crushed, so we can enjoy the life that flows from Him. The power of the Holy Communion and anointing oil will turn every situation around.




Today we no longer need to offer the lamb, because Jesus was the true lamb that was sacrificed as our burnt offering on the cross. When we partake of the Holy Communion or use the anointing oil, it reminds God of the sweet smelling sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

When the sweet fragrance of the grain, wine and oil goes up, the divine health, abundance, peace, favor and wholeness of Jesus flows to us. - See more at: http://freedomministries.org/1-14-13-fellowship-notes/#sthash.ykgajmJI.dpuf