9/15/13-9/22/13: Series – Praise Opens The Door to God & His Grace

170x250-product-thumbnailpraiseOne of the Hebrew words for praise is yahdah (Strong’s 3034).  It literally means to give thanks or to thrust out your hand.  It is formed from the three Hebrew letters yod, dalet and hey.  Each Hebrew letter also has a picture associated with it.  The pictures for yod, dalet and hey are a hand, a doorway and God’s grace.  So praise literally means the thrust out hand of Jesus is the doorway to God’s grace.  As we praise the wonderful works of Jesus, we are constantly accessing God’s grace.




"The Doorway to God and His Grace" - In this message we learn that as we sing and praise in our understanding and in the spirit, we access God and His Grace. We are constantly being filled to capacity with the Holy Spirit as we maintain and attitude of praise and thanksgiving. No situation is hopeless when we have Jesus. Every time we praise and give thanks, we open the door to God and His grace.

In part one of this series we learned one of the Hebrew words for praise is yahdah (Strong’s 3034). In this message we learn a very similar Hebrew word for praise is halal (Strong’s 1984). It means to boast and give thanks clamorously to the Lord. When you add the Hebrew letter “tav” to each word you get the words towdah and thillah. The pictogram for the letter tav is a cross. Towdah and thillah literally mean the sacrifice of praise or thanksgiving. Today, we no longer offer bulls and goats as our sacrifice. Instead we offer the sacrifice of praise.