9/29/13-10/6/13: Series – Meditate for Success

170x250-product-thumbnailmeditateEvery time the Bible talks about “meditate” – success, prosperity, profit and health are attached.  Meditate is from the Hebrew word “hagah” (Strong’s 1897).  It means to murmur or utter under your breath.  Worrying is negative meditation.  When you worry, you rehearse negative situations over and over again in your mind.  Meditating correctly means taking the Word of God and uttering it under your breath.  You look at the scripture from every angle.  Instead of worry, you rehearse all the promises of God over and over in your mind.  You can do this all throughout the day.




God designed us to focus on Jesus and what He accomplished for us on the cross. You can’t read scripture all day, but you can take a couple scriptures and mediate on them throughout the day. Every time you meditate on the Word of God, success, prosperity and profit will be the result.

If you desire a harvest of success and health, meditate on the promises of God. It is like planting seeds. We don’t know how the seed works, but you always get a harvest. Don’t get discouraged by external situations. God designed us to feed on Jesus, which is the Word of God. It doesn’t matter if there is a famine. The Word of God planted in your heart will produce supernatural results. You will prosper, continue to prosper, and become very prosperous!